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10:30 AM Open Pairs Stratified 10:30 AM Open Pairs Stratified 9:00 Lesson
10:30 AM Mentoring Game 
6:00 Pot Luck Dinner 
7 PM  Open Pairs Strat
12 Noon
Open Pairs Stratified
6:00 PM Intermediate Class
10:30 AM 499er NLM  
10:30 AM Open Pairs Stratified

We have a

Gold Dust Open SWISS TEAM game on October 11th at 1:30 PM and a ...
Gold Dust 499er SWISS TEAM game on October 23rd at 10:30 AM...come join the fun!

We will have an Open Instant Matchpoint Game on the 16th at 10:30

There is no "Brunch & Bridge" this month but join us for the Halloween Party on the 31st!

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